Frequently Asked Questions about
The Senior Organizer

  1. What is The Senior Organizer ?
    The Senior Organizer is an easy to use book of information, forms, and instructions that create a "mini-portable filing cabinet" for all your important personal, medical, legal, and financial information. It's one stop shopping for all your vital information -- all in one location.

  2. Why was it created?
    It was created out of necessity to organize and gather the crucial information needed to care for both my father and father-in-law when we became their caregivers. Everyone is just one phone call away from an emergency, just as we were.

  3. How do I use it?
    Just gather the information and fill out the forms. Either use the forms in the book, or go to and download additional FREE forms. There is an access code and instructions in the book. For sensitive or confidential information, simply indicate the location of the information, or who has it.

  4. What does it do for me?
    It equips you to respond quickly in moments of crisis when every minute is critical. By having the information at hand, it saves time and money, and possibly even a life. Additionally, it organizes you so that daily care is simplified, and medical, legal, and accounting appointments go more quickly and smoothly. Important phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information is right at hand. Household maintenance and insurance information are all available for instant access as needed. We even tell you how to replace lost drivers licenses, passports, birth certificates, and other important forms.

    Home emergency information such as location of shut-off valves, fuse boxes, etc. are detailed. It makes running a home simpler and easier, and is enormously helpful when dealing with a loved one or relative located in another city or state.

    It enables you to hire caregivers and have them successfully providing services and dealing with emergencies as they arise. It gives you peace of mind and confidence that routine and crisis situations can be dealt with easily and quickly. Knowing someone's daily routine, beliefs, and preferences helps you honor their wishes and instructions.

  5. Can I use it with other family members?
    Yes, family members can participate in gathering the information, and copies can be given to family members who want them, so everyone is equipped to pitch in during an emergency.

  6. How does it save me time and money?
    In many ways, from home repair situations, to doctor appointments, to accountant and attorney dealings, money and time are saved. By organizing and gathering all relevant information to have at hand for each circumstance, savings are achieved, and needless stress is eliminated.

    For example, by using our form for advance preparation for a doctor's appointment, the questions are written so none are forgotten, the answers are written down, and the list of medications, allergies, and other important information is handed to the doctor.

    Having all your legal and financial records gathered and organized makes it faster and easier to do estate planning, and create financial and medical instructions, powers of attorney, and other important documents. This can reduce or eliminate arguments, disagreements, and costly legal battles.

  7. What do I do in case of an emergency or disaster?
    Take The Senior Organizer with you and you will have everything you need to access bank accounts, and refill medications. By having The Senior Organizer with you, you will have copies of all needed personal, medical, legal, and financial information. Insurance policy numbers and coverage information and everything else needed to survive the disaster and resume your normal life again are at hand. If a loved one has been previously given a copy, you can even retrieve that if your own copy of The Senior Organizer is lost or damaged.

    Because everything is in one place in your mini-portable filing cabinet,

    The Senior Organizer
    , no electricity is needed, and availability of a computer is not required. For example, during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, hundreds of thousands of people were displaced, had no electricity or computer access, but they could have had immediate access to ALL VITAL INFORMATION if they had The Senior Organizer with them.

  8. Is there an example of an emergency where The Senior Organizer was life saving?
    Yes, we heard of a family member who was injured while on vacation. He was rushed to the hospital, where time was of the essence. The doctors needed to immediately know what medications he was taking, who had the legal authority to make medical decisions, and what insurance coverage he had. All this information was in The Senior Organizer, and within minutes he was getting the needed care. The staff said they wished that every family came into the hospital so well prepared.

  9. Where can I get The Senior Organizer ?
    The Senior Organizer can be found in most bookstores, and online at; click here to purchase now!



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